BJs Custom Choppers


BJs custom built bikesBJ’s custom choppers, was founded back in 2002. We are well known for the unique and wicked designs we use to create our custom choppers using only the best materials, parts and state of the art design programs.

We have the ability to manufacture bikes to your specific needs and wants, while still ensuring all bikes comply with the rules of the road. We offer a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for all of your custom motorcycle needs.

We build our bikes from the ground up customising and using our own frames, fenders, wheels. We do all metal fabrication work to really show off those Polished Motors. Our custom frames range from a size of 250 to a monstrous 360 and show our Polished Motors that range from 96ci” up to 160ci”.

We also create extraordinary custom airbrush designs and unique airbrush arts like, Flames, Skulls, and any other artwork you chose to make up your machine to a final master piece.

All bikes we produce are finished off with a unique look and appeal that will exceed all your expectations. Here at BJ’s Customer Choppers we believe building a bike is like creating a piece of Art, ensuring all lines and colours compliment the machine and you the proud owner.

To date we have been given many challenges in building our bikes, but still have not found a project too difficult to handle or to meet the customer requirements. Our team consists of, very experienced and qualified tradespeople with qualifications in all kinds of Fabrication work and Vehicle Building, to Mechanical and Auto Electrics trades.

Whether you are buying a bike component part or a Full Spec’ $70 000 custom bike, you will be treated with the utmost respect and high level of service by our experienced team. We are well known for taking care of our customers.

We offer a 6 month warranty period, as well as Roadside Assistance (Sydney only) to all our customers for whom we build custom bikes.

bjs custom bikes